Do you feel like no one even has the faintest idea of how challenging your day-to-day is?

Are you tired of feeling completely exhausted from the physical symptoms of anxiety… after day after day?

Do you ever wish you could just get some good help?

~Imagine having a group that you connect with. They know you and your situation and you know theirs. You are able to support and encourage each other during good times and bad times. You meet and support each other on a group coaching call every other week to stay connected and have constant support and encouragement....which is so, so crucial.

~Imagine having a one on one coaching call every single month, where you can get the personalized support that you need as you face life’s challenges. Because some things we don’t want to share out in the open. Some things that we want help with....are private issues that we only want to discuss on a one on one basis.

~Imagine having 24/7 support for times you need it most. For when you need to get help right away....not in a week or two.

~Imagine feeling that sense of encouragement and support on a regular basis because you have a wonderful support system in place that you can rely on week after week, month after month.

Monthly Membership

  • Two one hour group coaching call per month
  • ​Free access to the replays if unable to attend LIVE
  • ​One hour guest expert coaching call per month
  • ​One 45 minute 1:1 coaching call with Nadya per month
  • ​Unlimited voxer support with Nadya whenever you have a question or need support

The guest expert will share/talk/teach for the first half of the call and the second half of the call will be opened up for my monthly members to be able to ask questions directly to the guest expert. 

These calls will take place on zoom, and so the members who have questions can hit the “raise hand” icon and the guest expert can call on them as he/she is able to answer their questions.

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This membership program only opens for registration quarterly throughout the year, the pricing may increase in the future and while you can cancel anytime, your price would then default back to current pricing if you decided to come back. 

$197 per month
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